Bedroom renovation tips

I spend roughly one-third of my life sleeping, so shouldn’t I sleep in a room which contributes to sweet dreams?

A disorganized or uninspired bedroom can make it difficult to relax, and it probably does not assist me to disposition in the morning either.

What if my bedroom is a central place for my family time — maybe I read in bed, snuggle with the kids, or spend a long time with my pets while ensconced in the bedroom. A depressing or dingy bedroom will not contribute to relaxing gatherings.

Luckily, my bedroom renovations were some of the most affordable developments for a make-over (unlike, say, changing up a kitchen or bathroom). I didn’t have to remove any structural objects or install new windows; I didn’t need to hire roof repair experts or take out any walls; usually, all that I required was a deep cleaning and some surface work.

Have you thought of your nature and what type of bedroom you need? Perfect, let us get down to the nitty-gritty with these 4 simple bedroom remodeling tips.

  1. Make Walls Which Soothe

Painting a bedroom is possibly the quickest and cheapest method to change the overall character. I always choose a color which works with my trim (this is where paint chips are very essential).

I strive to identify a color which enhances the right ambiance which I want in my bedroom —bright and eclectic for me. But there are several of colors to choose from. Remember, if the first color does not work, I can always paint over it.

  1. Organize and Purge

Similar to several home make-over projects, a significant portion of the real make-over involves just getting rid of unnecessary stuff which is cluttering up the bedroom environment. Sincerely, I like to read before bed, but do I have an entire stack of books on my bedside table?

I always put the unread tomes back on the bookshelf or even donate them to the library (I read everything on my Kindle now, anyway).

Since the closet is in my bedroom, this is the right time to go through it and remove any unnecessary coats, clothing, and shoes. If I have a linen closet which requires organizing, I consider paring down my mismatched sheets and excess towels.

  1. Consider Window Coverings

You may think that it is the rug that actually pulls the room together, but I can assure you that window dressings are essential in the bedroom.

Since bedrooms tend to be smaller and usually dominated by huge furniture, the eye is always drawn upward beyond the bed — that is where the window dressing can prove its magic.

Blinds, curtains, and shades can be very costly, so I first decide what type of coverage I need, and then go on from there. I like white panel curtains since they are simple, cheap, match with nearly any style. If I require curtains which block the early morning light but do not appear heavy, I always go for thick cotton or velvet in light colors.

  1. Turn on Good Lighting

I can easily tell a well-designed room by the kind of lighting used — it is always the proper amount of the right time of day (or night). Is your bedroom suffering from excess light?

Generally, recessed pot lights are good for the living room, but use too much power and can seem so harsh in a bedroom. Therefore, I often choose to install a dimmer (between $60-100) to minimize the overhead glare